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Monday, May 4, 2009

MinuteMan Data backup

MinuteMan Data backup Suite features:
Your complete backup and zipping solution.
Backup Locally from one drive to another, to and from a Network
drive and from one Network Drive to another.
To any removable media such as Zip, Jaz drive or Floppy.
Incremental Zip to removable disk.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Desktop Toys for Windows95

Chequebook 96 v5

This new release of Cheque book comes to ready to run as a fully
32 bit application under Windows 95/98/NT. Its easier and faster
than ever to keep track of your accounts. You can automate the
processing of deposits or checks that occur monthly or on set dates.
Each account may have its own set of budget/transaction codes if so
desired. A straight forward Income Statement is available (based
on your budget/transaction codes.) No small business should be
without this feature!

Loan Spread Calculator Pro.v1.6

Based on Wheatworks™ experience developing financial calculators
for corporate clients, Loan Spread Calculator Pro gives you a unique
perspective on borrowing money! It automatically displays financial
answers on a 2-dimension grid as you enter or update loan variables.
You may easily view grids of loan amounts, interest rates, terms in
months, or payment amounts based upon your loan variables.

PAID ! v2.7

Production Accounting & Invoicing Database

Simply Accounting v7.0

Simply Accounting is the perfect solution for small, fast-moving businesses
like yours. It's easy to use, yet powerful enough to keep up with all of
your accounting needs. Now we've added new features that take you right to
the leading edge of technology.


* Microsoft Office and Internet Ready.
* On-line Banking.
* Make Purchases. ;
* Pay Suppliers.
* Credit Card Purchases.
* Orders, Quotes & Estimates.
* Invoice Customers. ;
* Manage Inventory.
* Project Costing.
* Service Billing.
* Budgeting.
* Report Drill Down.
* Security & Audit Trail.
* Bank Reconciliation.
* Includes a Complete Payroll Module.
* Over 90 Company Templates.

Office Financials 2000 v97.

Personal Stock Monitor GOLDv4.0

Personal Stock Monitor GOLD retrieves and displays customized
stock quotes and financial information and helps you manage your

It automatically retrieves the current price of each stock in your list
from a variety of free quote servers on the Internet, and displays them
in a convenient format on your desktop. You can track an unlimited
number of portfolios containing stocks, mutual funds, indexes, options,
and more. Prices can be updated at any time interval you choose. You
can set alarms so that the program alerts you when an equity reaches a
high or low target price.

My Personal Diary 2000 v2

This is the information manager you've been looking
for! My Personal Diary lets anyone and everyone keep
a private diary, journal or log for personal or
business use, but that's not all. Entries are stored
in encrypted files with optional password protection
and OLE support allows you to embed pictures, sounds
and even other documents directly in your entries.

Personal Medical Records v2.13

Keep track of your medical history