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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sidekick 98

Sidekick 98

Sidekick 98 is an easy way to manage and mobilize your calendars, contacts and communications. Whether you're using a handheld computer or a laptop, importing or exporting data, on the Internet or on the road, Sidekick 98 can manage and synchronize all your critical information.


Ab said...

where can i DOWNLOAD WINDOWS 98?

Sunny Days said...

I have been using Sidekick using Win-95 through Vista, and using the Sidekick 98 version since 98. It gets a little hiccupy with XP and Vista, but keeps on trucking. I haven't tried on Win-7 yet, but will continue until the latest version of Windows forces the program into ancient history. I had wanted to transition my data into Outlook, but I have stopped using MS Office and Outlook completely - licensing and update hassles. Open Office is great, but has nothing like Outlook or Sidekick 98.

Microsoft no longer supports Windows 98, which is not required to run Sidekick 98. Copies are probably available on eBay or at most garage sales or thrift stores.